Mariners’ House of Montreal held its 46th annual general meeting on June 17th, attended by thirty patrons and friends of the historical organisation. In his address, the President, Michael Fratianni, CEO of Montreal Gateway Terminals Partnership, said: “Most of us here have ties to the sea, both practical and romantic, and we can appreciate the necessity for centres such as Mariners’ House. It is a haven in the lives of seafarers from all over the world.”

Thanks to the generosity of Port of Montreal, the Grunt Club and numerous corporate and private supporters, Mariners’ House was able to offer transport to nearly 11,000 seafarers last year and welcomed 11,760 to the centre.

John Gareau, President of Seamont Brokerage & Transport remains Secretary of the Board, and Mario Minotti, Director of Finance & Administration for the Shipping Federation of Canada, is First Vice-President and Treasurer. Flavio Tiseo, Secretary/Treasurer, MSC (Canada) is Second Vice-President. Joyce Hammock, Publisher and Editor, Canadian Sailings, is ex-officio President.

Due to his retirement, Jean-Luc Bédard resigned from the Board and the nomination of Tony Boemi, Vice-President, Growth and Development, Port of Montreal, was unanimously accepted.

Also elected to the Board were Jean Bédard, Michael H. Belmer, P. Jeremy Bolger, Michael H. Broad, Tom Brodeur, Christopher J. Gillespie, Ross A. Kennedy, Tim D. McBoyle, Josh VanderVeen and Robert Zeagman.