At the Windsor Marine Night event on May 7, McKeil Marine acknowledged its 25 year history with the Detroit Windsor Truck Ferry by presenting owner Gregg Ward with a commemorative gift.

McKeil Marine marketing manager, Brent Kinnaird, thanked Windsor Port Authority and the Windsor Transportation Club for the opportunity to share that significant milestone and celebrate their alliance. “Gregg Ward and the Detroit Windsor Truck Ferry represent the spirit of the bi-national Seaway System and how vital marine transportation is to our economies,” said Kinnaird. “Gregg has driven forward with the truck ferry service since 1990 and we celebrate those 25 years with him and the crew.”

Ward reciprocated those feelings. “For 25 years McKeil Marine has shared with us their equipment, crews, experience and expertise. In this international border operation, they have been our mentors, partners and most importantly, our friends. It has been an outstanding relationship for which we are very grateful.”

McKeil employee, Captain Dave Seymour, was also mentioned at the ceremony. Seymour started as captain on the ferry service on April 1, 2002. For the past 13 years, he has captained the tug, Stormont, which pushes the ferry barge.

The Detroit Windsor Truck Ferry is a vital link for trucks not permitted to cross the U.S./Canadian border via the Ambassador Bridge due to cargo restrictions.