Lisa Raitt, Minister of Transport, underscored the importance of the trucking industry to Canada’s long-term economic growth in a speech held on October 3 to the bi-annual meeting of Canadian Trucking Alliance (CTA) Board members.

“The government of Canada recognizes the critical role the trucking industry plays in our transportation system, the Canadian economy, and our trading relationship with the United States,” said Minister Raitt. “We will continue to work with other governments, businesses and stakeholders, such as the CTA, to strengthen safety in the trucking industry.” Minister Raitt also addressed topics such as safety and environmental regulations, the shortage of drivers, and recent government of Canada investments in border infrastructure, technology and security.

Minister Raitt also addressed participants at the 33rd Women’s International Shipping & Trading Association (WISTA) Conference about the important role that women play in the marine sector, stressing that women’s access to management positions is a very important issue for the government of Canada. “The top priorities for the government of Canada are jobs, growth and long-term prosperity, and women are critical to Canada’s economic success,” said Minister Raitt.

Minister Raitt highlighted the role of transportation in building Canada’s future prosperity, and the importance of promoting partnerships and entrepreneurship towards ensuring a safe and secure national transportation system. “We must continue to build on the partnerships between governments and the private sector to fully realize the potential of our transportation system and create the right environment for our industries to grow and prosper,” added Minister Raitt.