Lisa Raitt, Minister of Transport, spoke of the important role played by ports in the economic well-being of Canadians in a speech to the 55th annual general meeting and conference of the Association of Canadian Port Authorities, hosted by the Nanaimo Port Authority from August 19-21.

Building on this year conference’s theme of ‘Building partnerships’, Minister Raitt said that the marine transportation system creates jobs and supports growth and prosperity for all Canadians, while highlighting the importance of trade and collaboration with the United States on initiatives such as the Beyond the Border Action Plan.

“Our government is convinced that by working together, we are making Canada’s transportation system even safer and more secure while balancing the needs of our economy,” said Minister Raitt. “Through partnerships between government and the private sector, Canadians continue to realize the benefits of our strategic gateways and have the right environment for Canadian industry to grow and prosper.”