Moncton’s International Airport’s 3,000-metre (10,000-foot) runway extension was officially opened. The project extends the airport’s main runway from 1,845 metres (6,150 feet) to 3,000 metres (10,0000 feet) in order to allow the airport to handle larger wide-bodied and heavy aircraft, which is expected to lead to an increase in trade and traffic. “The Greater Moncton International Airport Authority is proud of this new infrastructure, which will allow it to compete around the world for ever-increasing cargo, trans-shipment and passenger traffic,” said Rob Robichaud, President and Chief Executive Officer of the Airport Authority. Construction to extend the runway began in May 2012 and was completed in October 2013. The total cost of the project is $24 million. The federal government contributed $4 million through the Gateways and Border Crossings Fund. The provincial government invested $4 million and the Greater Moncton International Airport Authority provided the remaining amount.