Montreal Gateway Terminals Partnership (MGT) announced successful implementation of its Navis N4 terminal operating system. The new system will help MGT optimize terminal productivity and enable further enhancement of service delivery.

The implementation was a migration from Navis’s legacy software SPARCS and an internally developed data host system to N4, Navis’s latest generation terminal operating system. N4 allows customers to run their operations from a single terminal to multiple terminals spanning numerous geographic locations managed from one central location. By consolidating all systems on one platform, the move enables MGT to modernize its IT infrastructure, optimize terminal efficiency, and facilitate ongoing logistics innovations.

“This is one of a series of technical and operational implementations in the planning or execution stages,” explained MGT CEO Michael Fratianni. “Thanks to Navis and a highly motivated project team led by MGT IT Director Yannick Lacroix, the system roll-out was a flawless success in terms of system performance, stability and user acceptance.”

“From the project’s inception we worked closely with MGT to ensure a smooth transition,” said Chuck Schneider, General Manager, Americas for Navis, “We look forward to continuing our partnership through ongoing system maintenance, software trainings and knowledge sharing.”