For the eleventh consecutive year, a day of appreciation focused on the numerous truckers entering the two terminals forming Montreal Gateway Terminals Partnership (MGT), including Sections 62 (Racine) and 77 (Cast).

On June 3rd, 2015, truckers from surrounding provinces as well as local areas participated in this annual event by stopping by the two terminals to have coffee and donuts in the morning. At mid-day, the MGT Executive showed their gratitude by serving the trucking community and invited guests a BBQ. Also to show their appreciation and gratitude, MGT cooler bags were distributed to each trucker.

The organizing committee at MGT takes pride in preparing this well received annual event which allows the staff of MGT to weigh in on the concerns and comments of the trucking community. This year’s event saw approximately 1,100 truckers. These numbers are significant taking into account the fact that approximately fifty percent of the containers handled by MGT arrive and depart safely by these truckers.

MGT’s management can’t help but reiterate words from the past noting the outstanding work carried out by the trucking community which is a pivotal role in the success of road transport not only for MGT but the port of Montreal as well. The general tone noted in discussions with several truckers was that delays by construction activities and resulting detours are having a negative impact on their earnings. Being optimistic about better routes is paramount to the daily tasks of trucking in the Montreal area.

Over the past nine years, donation boxes have been installed at each terminal where all proceeds go to the Montreal Mariners’ House. MGT would like to thank all that donated to this extremely helpful organization. A cheque in the amount of $1,100 will be issued to Carolyn Osborne at Montreal Mariners’ House.