Dear Port Colleagues,

Welcome to Nanaimo. In our local First Nations language, “Nanaimo” means the Gathering Place, this makes our Port the ideal location to host the 55th Annual Association of Canadian Port Authorities Conference and AGM.

Over the last decade with an uncertain global economy, the Canadian maritime industry has shown that it can be innovative in building partnerships, significantly benefiting our transportation system.

The 18 federal Port Authorities last year handled over 310 million tonnes of cargo, ­representing $162 billion worth of goods, while generating 250,000 direct and indirect jobs and adding $25 billion to Canada’s GDP.

Over the next few days the conference will focus on showing how building partnerships and strategic alliances can usher in a new era of cooperation for our maritime industry in Canada.

Enjoy your stay in the Harbour City and be sure to make the most of our business sessions, trade show and networking time, and do take advantage of your stay to enjoy the plentiful attractions in our beautiful city.

Bernie A. Dumas
President and CEO