The bi-national Chamber of Marine Commerce is pleased to announce the new Marine Hall of Excellence to honour those who have made significant contributions to advance marine trade and commerce in Canada and/or the U.S. Both countries owe a large amount of their success as trading nations to the vital role of marine commerce, from their emergence as prosperous economies and democracies to the present day.

While the exploits of our early marine pioneers are documented in many museums, the Marine Hall of Excellence will provide an opportunity to promote the accomplishments of more recent leaders whose direction and accomplishments sometimes go unrecognized, especially outside of industry. Stephen Brooks, President of the Chamber of Marine Commerce, explains: “Just like our athletes, entertainers and aviators, this ‘hall of fame’ will recognize talented leaders who have helped shape the success of shipping and our two great nations. The Marine Hall of Excellence will lend voice and personality to an industry that has some amazing stories that have remained under the public radar for far too long.” The Chamber is now accepting nominations for potential inductees who can come from any profession but who must have demonstrated vision, leadership and direction resulting in important impacts and significant tangible results for the world of marine commerce. The first inductees into the Marine Hall of Excellence will be honored at a ceremony later this year after a selection process undertaken by the Chamber of Marine Commerce board of directors. Inductees receive a prestigious, hand-crafted award as well as a lapel pin, featuring one of the most recognizable marine symbols, the compass rose. Inductee profiles and achievements will also be showcased at the Marine Hall of Excellence’s virtual home and through other marketing efforts.