Mariners’ House of Montreal held its 45th annual general meeting on June 26th, attended by many patrons and friends of the organisation. “We have to use all means in our power,” said outgoing President, Joyce Hammock, “to better the conditions affecting seafarers.”

Although absent, Michael Fratianni, Chief Financial Officer of Montreal Gateway Terminals Partnership, took over the two-year Presidency, while Mario Minotti, Director, Finance & Administration, Shipping Federation of Canada, became first Vice-President as well as Treasurer. Flavio Tiseo, Secretary/ Treasurer, MSC (Canada), assumed the title of Second Vice-President and John Gareau, President, Seamont Brokerage & Transport, retained the post of Secretary.

Thanks to the generosity of Port of Montreal, The Grunt Club and numerous private and corporate supporters, Mariners’ House has been able to adhere to its mission statement by providing a welcoming environment for more than 12,000 visiting seafarers last year, while offering them practical assistance in various forms.

Also elected to the Board of Directors are Jean Bédard, Jean-Luc Bédard, Michael H. Belmer, P. Jeremy Bolger, Michael H. Broad, Tom Brodeur, Christopher J. Gillespie, Ross A. Kennedy, Tim D. McBoyle, Josh VanderVeen and Robert Zeagman.

Chairs of various committees were also elected by the Board as follows:

Fundraising – Michael Fratianni; Patron Members – Flavio Tiseo; Publicity – Joyce Hammock; and Nominating – Frank Martini (honorary director).