Prince Rupert Port Authority and CN have completed a long-term project to quell mandatory train whistling at two waterfront rail crossings. As port activity at Fairview Terminal increased in recent years, train traffic between the terminal and CN’s waterfront rail yard has also increased significantly. Until now, trains have been required to whistle at crossings to alert pedestrians and motorists of their presence and ensure overall safety. Beginning in 2012, the Port Authority and CN partnered in a commitment to install new crossing signals and improved security fencing.

Two new crossing signals have been installed at the Highway 16 crossing adjacent to Fairview Harbour and at the BC Ferries terminal crossing. The signals flash bright red lights and emit bell-ringing audio when a train is within one quarter-mile of the crossing, requiring vehicles and pedestrians to refrain from crossing. New fencing has been installed along 800 metres of track to prevent people from crossing along restricted sections. CN engineers are no longer mandated to sound their train whistles at the crossings, and will only do so now if they observe an unauthorized person, animal or object on the track that poses a risk to safety.