The Government of Québec has agreed to provide $ 914,250 in financial assistance to Ocean Marine Works Inc. for the development of its lifting barge under the Marine Transportation Infrastructure Investment Support Program, as part of a total project cost of $1.8 million.

The lifting barge, designed and to be manufactured by Ocean’s team, will facilitate the loading and unloading of cargo by raising or lowering a platform on the barge to dock level, enabling vehicles to be driven on or off, without requiring the services of a crane. This solution complements existing means of loading and unloading, and will promote shipping on the St. Lawrence River.

Jacques Tanguay, Ocean’s CEO, commented that, “The ingenuity of our team has made it possible to create a new solution to an age-old problem that will complement and facilitate short sea shipping on the Saint Lawrence. This project fits perfectly with the objectives of the government of Quebec’s Maritime Strategy.”