It is with great pride that Trois-Rivières Port Authority (TRPA) takes stock of the accomplishments achieved by the Port during the past decade, which were the result of the collaboration and dedication of hundreds of advisers and supporters within the port community of Trois-Rivières. Many small and large projects were realized, setting the stage for the next decade to be just as productive.

The Port’s On Course for 2020 Strategic Plan was designed in collaboration with the City of Trois-Rivières and its residents, port users, shippers, workers, and others, some of whom had expressed concerns about the growth of TRPA’s facilities and activities. From the start, we consulted with, listened to, and answered questions from all these groups, including many one-on-ones. Each group or individual, in their own ways, had experiences or expertise to contribute which collectively allowed the Port to maximize operational efficiency while building on the respectful and productive relationship between the City and the Port to minimize impact of port operations on the community. On Course for 2020 was a plan that reflected the mutual needs of the Port and the people impacted by the operations of the Port.

Eight years later, the Plan has been realized, three years ahead of schedule! Having a vision is essential, but realizing it can only be accomplished once that vision is shared.

Today, the Port continues to grow, thanks to the efforts by our staff and the community at large, and I wish to thank them all.

We are proud of what we have accomplished through the implementation of On Course for 2020, and we look to the future with enthusiasm as we go to work to put in place On Course for 2030, in collaboration with our partners.

We will continue to demonstrate excellence and innovation to provide unique solutions to our clients. With a client-oriented approach, it is our desire to serve industry and to help our customers achieve their objectives as efficiently as possible.

Together we are stronger!

On Course for 2020, Phase II

Adopted in 2008 by Trois-Rivières Port Authority, the On Course for 2020 Strategic Plan was realized in two phases. Phase I was completed in 2013 and Phase II will be completed in 2017, three years ahead of schedule. On Course for 2020 represent investments of $82.3 million, financed by the government of Canada ($18.5 million), government of Québec (2 million), TRPA ($27.9 million), and the private sector ($33.9 million).

New 23,000-square-metre multi-purpose terminal

Port of Trois-Rivières is proud to showcase its brand-new Terminal 13. Specifically designed to handle a large variety of products, the project included rebuilding Dock 13, consolidating Dock 14, and constructing the storage area located alongside these docks, as well as the road and rail access to these facilities. Terminal 13 has increased outdoor storage space along the docks by 40 per cent.

Bulk warehouses 16, 24, and 25 in operation

The availability of new sheds 16, 24, and 25 at the port allowed Somavrac to increase its storage capacity for dry bulk by 65,000 metric tonnes. Also, with greater emphasis on indoor handling, productivity will be enhanced, and will offer improved environmental protection.

On Course for 2030

In 2015, Trois-Rivières Port Authority adopted its On Course for 2030 Strategic Plan. To ensure continuity in the development projects, Phase I of this new plan overlaps with Phase II of On Course for 2020. Phase I of On Course for 2030 will require investments of $25 million in infratructure financed by the government of Canada ($3.6 million), the government of Quebec ($7.4 million), and Trois-Rivières Port Authority ($13.8 M).

Extension of Dock 10

This $14.8 million project will increase exterior storage space in this area from 3,000 m2 to 12,000 m2, and will better serve the growing traffic of breakbulk and project cargo developed in partnership with Logistec.

Creation of an industrial port zone in Trois-Rivières

TRPA, the City of Trois-Rivières, Innovation et Développement écono­mique Trois-Rivières, and the Quebec government are combining their efforts to create an Industrial Port Zone. This project demonstrates the partners’ commitment to take full advantage of Trois-Rivières’ potential for industries requiring port facilities, to expand their existing activities or to create new ones. The Trois-Rivières Industrial Port Zone will offer a unique combination of close proximity to port, road, and railway infrastructure, as well as a wide range of logistics and other professional services. It represents a perfect location for reaching North American as well as overseas markets. “The Trois-Rivières Industrial Port Zone presents many opportunities for businesses in the maritime sector and logistics, and we invite interested parties to contact us to take advantage of them,” stated Mr. Boivin, TRPA’s President and CEO.

Financial assistance is available to facilitate the establishment and expansion of businesses located in the Trois-Rivières Industrial Port Zone.

For a few years, Trois-Rivières has been experiencing renewed growth fuelled by economic diversification and rapid expansion of SMEs. The City has everything needed to rival major cities: an exceptional geographic location, a port on the majestic St. Lawrence River, a regional airport, excellent transportation infrastructure, and an abundant and qualified workforce. To this list we can add several assets, such as absence of delays caused by heavy traffic, low business set-up costs, and exceptional quality of life.

New 40,000-square-metre storage area to meet port users’ growing needs

Requiring an overall investment of $10 million, with $2.5 million in financial aid from the government of Quebec, this project involves the construction of a shed and outdoor storage surface, on a lot with an area of nearly 40,000 square metres. Located at the heart of an Industrial Port Zone and less than a kilometre away from the Port, the site offers exceptional road access, and is particularly suitable for distribution activities. The project will be completed in 2017.

In the near future: three new docks could be added

In addition to the development of new storage facilities, adding new berths is a plan that could be realized in the next few years. At 600 metres, the dock would be able to accommodate three additional ships.

Railway: short-line rail operator key development project partner

A subsidiary of Genesee & Wyoming, Quebec Gatineau Railway (QGRY) is the short-line operator linking the port to the major continental railways of Canadian National and Canadian Pacific. QGRY has demonstrated a strong commitment to Port of Trois-Rivières, having completed several investments at the port during the past few years, as well as in the railway infrastructure leading into the port and to the marshalling yard. These investments benefit the entire port community, as they enable port users to reach any market in North America from Trois-Rivières.

Work to increase elevator terminal productivity

In 2015, G3 Canada Limited acquired Élévateurs des Trois-Rivières. The new partnership between G3 and TRPA has already translated into investments that will continue into 2017, to improve the productivity of their installations.

Port users and TRPA seize opportunity to increase productivity with traffic modelling study in partnership with UQTR

In partnership with Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières (UQTR), Port of Trois-Rivières has modelled the heavy traffic moving in and out of the port. This project will allow simulation of alternative routes to shorten truck trips, reduce wait times, and increase productivity. Port users will benefit from such a tool. This tool will be particularly useful in the context of the operation of the Industrial Port Zone to insure the fluidity of traffic, even after the addition of new activities.