While some Port Authorities have struggled to find positive working relationships with their municipal leaders, Hamilton’s port officials value their well-established relationships with City staff. HPA President and CEO Bruce Wood meets regularly with City Manager Chris Murray to review development plans, share updates on significant cargo movements and examine recreational and environmental issues. Most recently, the City and Port worked together to manage an increase in truck traffic through the industrial Port land area as a result of significant terminal activity at operations including Parrish and Heimbecker, McAsphalt and Sifto Salt. When designing a new intersection reconfiguration for the entrance to P&H at Pier 10, the city considered the terminal’s need for an efficient flow of truck traffic delivering grain and other agricultural commodities to the new storage domes. “We’re seeing some days with better than 100 truck arrivals and streamlining this flow is essential to our business model,” noted P&H Business Development Manager Steve Kell.