Windsor Port Authority and Windsor Police Services took delivery of a new 29-foot multi-mission rapid response boat for the Windsor Police Marine Unit from SAFE Boats International (SBI). The SAFE 29 Walk Around Cabin vessel was the first of its kind to be purchased in Canada and was launched and commissioned in a ceremony on April 10th, 2014 hosted by Windsor Port Authority. The acquisition of the vessel was made possible by a collaborative effort between Windsor Port Authority and the Windsor Police Service in a strategic partnership with SAFE Boats International.

Since then the aptly named Defender is the most advanced small security vessel and the first new SAFE Boat in service in all of Canada has been very busy patrolling the Detroit River and surrounding Lakes. As a result of this advanced vessel and its technology, the Windsor Police Service Marine Unit has become a leading organization for many law enforcement interdiction projects as well as instrumental in regional search and rescue.

“SAFE is honored to have partnered with Windsor Port Authority and the Windsor Police Service and proud to have one of its vessels in service protecting the great city of Windsor and our shared border,” stated Dennis Morris, President and CEO, SAFE Boats International. “This boat marked our entry into the Canadian law enforcement market and we are continuing to field interest from other agencies in the SAFE Boat platforms as a result. We could not have been as successful in this endeavor without this partnership from both agencies”

Peter Berry, Harbour Master of Windsor Port Authority stated that “Our partnership with Windsor Police Service is an excellent example of support by agencies all along the Detroit River on both sides of the international border.” We work every day with Canadians agencies at all levels of government however we are especially proud of the seamless partnership with our U.S. neighbors. We all work well together and having this vessel allows us to keep up in the ever changing marine security environment. I consider the port of Windsor to be an extremely safe and secure port into which to do business. We are very proud of our new boat and it has been instrumental in our expanding our capabilities in the protection of the port “Our partnership on this boat and other matters is very strong”, said Berry referring to Windsor Police Services and Safe Boat International. “We look forward to continuing this relationship to increase the safety and security at the port of Windsor”.