Port important part of city’s economic development strategy

The Port of Montreal and the City of Montreal have forged a strong working relationship.

“We are developing synergies and working in an integrated fashion for the benefit of the entire port community and those who depend upon it, and for the city and the surrounding region,” said Sylvie Vachon, President and CEO of the Montreal Port Authority.

“The Port of Montreal is a very important part of the city,” said Montreal City Manager Guy Hébert. “The port has grown considerably in the past years. We want to position ourselves as a close collaborator with the Port of Montreal.”

Among its economic development strategies, the City of Montreal unveiled in November 2011 its Cité Portuaire – or Port City – project. The initiative is part of a five-year plan to develop the eastern end of Montreal, where much of the port is located, and it clearly underlines the importance of Montreal’s port activities.

“Certainly, the development of the port brings with it a series of development opportunities for other industries,” Mr. Hébert said. “When it comes to transportation, we have conditions that favour economic development and advantages to attract companies from elsewhere. As part of that, the port is a huge plus for development.

“The secret to success is to work together, and the city and the port are enjoying success together.”

Today, the port and the city are working together on numerous projects. The city already has rebuilt the thoroughfare leading to the port’s new entry portal and waiting area for trucks.

Meanwhile, the port authority has made a proposal to the city and Transport Quebec for new accesses to port facilities in the Assomption-de Souligny sector. The proposal calls for a trucks-only ramp from a major highway – Highway 25 – that would give trucks direct access into the port. The plan also calls for the lengthening into the port of a street located farther west. Trucks would exit there to make their way back to the highway.

The project would streamline truck traffic and flow in and around the port.

“We have worked with the provincial government on the Highway 25 ramp, and we are working hard on the Assomption project,” Mr. Hébert said. “It’s a big project but I am optimistic that it will occur in the coming years. People are open to it.”