Specialized course for transportation and logistics students

The Port of Montreal and a local college are teaming up once again this year to offer a specialized course to students in the field of transportation and logistics.

The port and Champlain College will stage a two-day module at the beginning of May that examines specifically transportation and logistics through the Port of Montreal. Montreal Port Authority officials and other transportation industry representatives will make presentations to about 30 adult students. The session will also feature an onsite port visit.

“The speakers at these classes are executives from the port and other senior executives from the transportation industry,” said Peter Raimondo, a logistics instructor at Champlain College and retired transportation industry executive who has developed the program in conjunction with Yves Gilson, Communications Manager at the Montreal Port Authority.

“This unique opportunity over a period of two days exposes the students to the marketing and operations of the port, followed by a tour of port facilities.

“I have been involved in teaching transportation subjects for over 30 years and I am not aware of any organization that has offered its facilities and executives for two days of off-campus classes. This is a very generous initiative.”

“We are pleased to support Champlain College and students who will one day work in the transportation and logistics sector, most probably in Montreal,” Mr. Gilson said. “They are our future executives, and it will be extremely beneficial for them to already have a good understanding of the Port of Montreal.”

Following last year’s inaugural course in February and November, several students took the time to write Montreal Port Authority President and CEO Sylvie Vachon to express their thanks and appreciation for the port’s involvement in the course.

Among the comments, students said the module was an “excellent springboard” for their professional development and that the presentations and onsite visit were “a source of motivation for pursuing a career in the transportation and logistics sector.”

“Champlain College would like to thank and congratulate Sylvie Vachon and Yves Gilson for making this very valuable learning experience possible,” Mr. Raimondo said. “We are very proud of our partnership in this educational initiative.”