Hamilton Port Authority (HPA) welcomes progress toward the transfer of Piers 7 and 8 from HPA’s control to the City of Hamilton, as part of City of Hamilton’s West Harbour Waterfront Recreation Master Plan.

“Hamilton is one of Canada’s great port cities,” said HPA President & CEO Bruce Wood. “The harbour has been at the centre of life and livelihood in Hamilton for more than 100 years. The transfer of the property at Piers 7 and 8 is an exciting step in the ongoing development of the city’s waterfront, and we are delighted to do our part.” Today’s decision builds upon much work by HPA and City staff to ensure the continued development of a vibrant, mixed-use harbour that balances a range of public, commercial and industrial uses.

“We worked closely with the City to make this agreement happen. It is a win-win that serves the interests of residents by allowing the West Harbour development plan to move forward, while being consistent with HPA’s mandate of operating a prosperous commercial port,” said Bruce Wood. 

As part of this agreement, HPA and the City will enter into a 25-year Management Agreement for the Marina, and HPA may lease a new City-owned 5 acre property south of Pier 22, adjacent to the City’s recycling facility. “This will be a very welcome addition to our property portfolio,” said Wood. “The port has grown immensely in the last five years, so we can make good use of this space, bringing new business activity to Hamilton.”

HPA will continue to serve the recreational boating community through a consolidated Marina. HPA has a 70-year track record of expertise and service in recreational boating. West Harbour is a certified Clean Marine marina, with a 5-diamond rating for environmental sustainability.