‘Trading with the World’ part of revamped communications

The Port of Montreal has developed a new branding strategy as part of its revamped communications efforts and ‘Trading with the World’ is the clear-cut message that it is getting out to clients, potential clients, partners and the public.

“The ‘Trading with the World’ branding is part of our strategic plan to make the Port of Montreal even better known internationally,” said Sylvie Vachon, President and CEO of the Montreal Port Authority. “It was clear that we needed to position ourselves not just as a manager of port infrastructure but as a world maritime merchant and a strategic tool for economic development.

“Our partners have confirmed our positioning, our intent to be better known internationally, and our desire to be a symbol of economic prosperity. We want to be able to help our partners achieve business growth around the world.”

New logo

As part of its rebranding, the Port of Montreal has updated its logo to better represent its development. The new logo is a more modern version of the port’s previous visual identity. The typeface makes the logo more current, and the new version is bilingual. The accent on ‘Montréal’ is a reminder of the city’s French character, and it lies flat to portray the horizon.

The port symbol – a ship sailing through the water, which is represented by the ‘M’ in Montreal – has been maintained in its entirety as it is so closely associated with the port and the fact that Montreal is a port city. It has been refined, however, and positioned in relation to the type in a manner that suggests it is floating in the water.

The new logo is now in use. However, for sustainable development purposes, the transition will be made gradually over the next few years. The Montreal Port Authority will incorporate the new logo as stationery, documentation, signage and the truck fleet is replaced.

New website and microsite

The Port of Montreal launched its new website (www.port-montreal.com) last spring. It offers several new features including a new corporate video, an interactive map of the port with vessels in real time, a new presentation of The Port Then and Now section, and a new statistics section with enhanced graphics.

“The new website is much more modern and user-friendly and it better meets the needs of clients and potential clients,” said Yves Gilson, Communications Manager for the Montreal Port Authority.

The port has also improved its visibility internationally with the online launch in December of an Internet microsite in German, registered in Germany at www.verschiffungusa.de.

The microsite provides information to shipping lines, agents and freight forwarders, and importers and exporters that use the German ports of Hamburg and Bremerhaven to ship to and from the Port of Montreal.

“When potential clients in Germany look for ways to send a shipment – ‘verschiffung’ in German – to the United States, they will most probably type ‘verschiffung USA’ in a search engine and be directed to our microsite,” Mr. Gilson said.

Two other microsites will be launched this year.

Port publications

Last fall, the port unveiled the electronic versions of its PortInfo and Logbook magazines.

“After the revamping of the Port of Montreal website last spring, a fresh look for our two publications was the next logical step in the modernization of the port’s communications tools,” said Marie Quinty, Writer and Webeditor at the Montreal Port Authority. “Readers can access the new electronic versions in a more timely manner and are better able to share information.”

PortInfo and Logbook subscribers now receive an email announcing that a new issue is available. They can simply click on the text that is of interest to them and be taken directly to the port website. Or they can read the magazine at their leisure by going to the www.port-montreal.com home page and clicking on the PortInfo or Logbook icon.

Written for its partners in the transportation industry, PortInfo previously had been printed and sent by mail to more than 7,000 readers in Canada, the United States and around the world.

PortInfo’s content has undergone a major rejuvenation and now examines the maritime industry in greater detail while still continuing to provide news on the Port of Montreal.

Logbook, also known as Friends of the Port Magazine, is written for the community at large and also has been redesigned with its readers in mind.

New advertising agency

The port has hired award-winning advertising agency Ogilvy Montreal to develop its new advertising campaign. Ogilvy Montreal is a multidisciplinary agency whose numerous clients include government agencies and leading healthcare companies.

Look for the port’s new advertising campaign, based on the ‘Trading with the World’ branding, in the coming months.