Port of New York and New Jersey has debuted Intermodal Rail Services Tool, a new online service through which users can input departure points and destinations for all ExpressRail trains inbound to and outbound from the port and its various hubs.

The tool displays a listing of all trains that make the specified run, including which service provider handles the route (CSX, Norfolk Southern, Canadian Pacific Railway, or combinations thereof), any applicable cut off times, and departure times for trains on separate days of the week.

"We’re pleased to offer this type of value added service," said Dennis Lombardi, Deputy Director of Port Commerce of Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. "Our ongoing investment has allowed ExpressRail to become a signature success at our port. Our rail partners cover the entire eastern half of the U.S., all of eastern Canada, and points beyond. The Intermodal Rail Services Tool helps shippers to plan the movement of their goods to points anywhere within our extensive market reach." In May of this year, the Port Authority’s ExpressRail service surpassed 5 million containers handled since its first rail facility opened for business in 1991.

The Port Authority’s recent investment in rail ranks among the highest in U.S. ports and includes three newly built intermodal rail terminals with a current capacity of 1 million container lifts per year and a projected capacity of 1.5 million containers by 2016. An intermodal rail support yard west of Corbin Street adds efficiency and capacity of over 70,000 linear feet of support track for both ExpressRail Newark and Elizabeth. This facility allows for the staging of inbound and outbound trains and provides sufficient track to build or hold four 10,000 feet trains simultaneously.