Port of Prince Rupert celebrated a significant milestone when it recently received an enhanced rating by Green Marine, North America’s leading marine environmental stewardship organization. In addition, Don Krusel, the Port Authority’s President and CEO, was invited to take a leadership role on Green Marine’s Board of Directors as Vice-Chair of the international organization.

“This recognition by Green Marine is an important acknowledgement of the value the Port Authority places on environmental stewardship,” said Gary Paulson, Vice-President of Operations and Harbour Master for Prince Rupert Port Authority. “Since becoming Canada’s first West Coast port to join Green Marine in 2010, we have made our commitment to environmental leadership a key priority. We are working to ensure that existing terminals and future developments demonstrate ecological sensitivity and sustainability.”

Mr. Krusel addressed Green Marine’s fifth annual GreenTech Conference, speaking about the importance of ensuring that the Port’s operations are characterized by sustainability and responsibility.

“We are keenly aware that while our activities benefit communities significantly, we also have a considerable impact because of traffic and industrial activity,” said Krusel. “The support of our communities for the Port’s development is one of our most important strategic assets. The support of Prince Rupert’s citizens makes us unique compared to many other ports, and we want to maintain and enhance that relationship of trust.”

During the Quebec City conference, Krusel was invited to sit on Green Marine’s Board of Directors, an offer he readily accepted.

“I am proud that Port of Prince Rupert will play an important role in defining high environmental standards for North America’s marine sector,” Krusel said.