At an event held at Port of Quebec’s cruise terminal, Mario Girard, President and CEO of Quebec Port Authority (QPA), recognized the captain and crew of the Queen Mary 2 for the noble gesture of coming to the aid of Mylène Paquette in the middle of the Atlantic. On September 26, the ship altered course to offer assistance to Ms. Paquette, a brave young Montreal woman who is engaged in an effort to be the first person to row solo across the Atlantic from Halifax to Lorient, France, a distance of 2,700 nautical miles.

Several days earlier, Paquette had experienced failure of equipment that was vital to a successful and safe conclusion of her voyage. The captain and his crew provided her with supplies of food, a satellite phone and a drogue anchor, which serves to keep her rowboat on course. Their actions were acknowledged by the Port at the Ross Gaudreault Cruise Terminal, in the presence of Ms. Paquette’s mother and sister, as well as staff of the Queen Mary 2. Captain Kevin Oprey and his crew were welcomed by the management of the Port and several representatives from Quebec’s maritime sector.

“It was an honourable gesture that shows great generosity. What Captain Oprey and his team did deserves to be publicly recognized. Their action was entirely appropriate for the queen of the seas,” said Mario Girard. During the event, Mylène Paquette was able to thank the Captain and his staff via satellite phone. The Quebec rower is currently at sea, on her way to Lorient, where she is expected to arrive before the middle of November. The Port took the opportunity to encourage Ms. Paquette’s initiative with a financial contribution to her journey, as well as organizing a fundraising event.