Over the past decade, Port of Trois-Rivières and its partners have invested $ 132 million to modernize existing infrastructure. Although these investments have resulted in a 40 per cent increase in port terminal capacity, these facilities are now almost fully utilized.

While the Port continues to be approached by many shippers who wish to call on the port, and while current customers have continuing needs to utilize port facilities, the Port must be innovative to meet the rising demand. In addition, the Port must be versatile and show agility to respond quickly and effectively to the needs of its customers.

Innovation is therefore a key for the On Course for 2030 development plan. The Port of Trois-Rivières has great potential to benefit the regional economy and serve as an engine of growth, but this can only be achieved through innovation.

Development of the new Terminal 21 will be driven by innovation at the Port. It will bring together the best of the Port’s collective knowledge to design high quality facilities that will meet the performance challenges of today and tomorrow. Terminal 21 will be a versatile structure, and will provide the necessary flexibility to redistribute goods from multiple shippers quickly and efficiently through a multimodal distribution centre. It will represent a testing ground to ensure that the Port’s technological, social, environmental and economic objectives will be met.

Computerization, automation and integration of artificial intelligence will make it possible to minimize the costs of handling, loading and unloading operations, both for general goods and for bulk cargo. The Port adheres to the values of sustainable development and will therefore aim for carbon neutrality in its port and logistics activities.

In addition to the 100,000 m2 planned for development of Terminal 21, the Port plans to add 80,000 m2 of indoor and outdoor storage space for value-added activities through the acquisition of new properties and the redevelopment of existing properties.

Innovation will be the driver to enable Port of Trois-Rivières to continue to respond quickly and effectively to changing commercial conditions in our ever-changing world.