As part of its On Course for 2030 objectives, Trois-Rivières Port Authority (TRPA) has established two investment funds totalling $2.5 million over five years.

TRPA’s Environment Fund aims to support users’ investments in solutions that will improve the Port’s environmental performance. Through this initiative, TRPA wishes to support the implementation of projects, and enable them to be carried out earlier. Shippers no longer choose a port solely on the basis of its productivity, but also judge on the basis of its environmental performance. Environmental protection and economic development go hand in hand!,” explains Gaétan Boivin, the Port’s President and CEO.

Targeted results by this fund include the maintenance, improvement and development of infrastructures to improve the Port’s environmental performance, both in terms of transport and cargo handling, as well as the management, protection and improvement of the quality of ecosystem components. In addition to the amounts committed to by TRPA, with the support of the private sector and governments, it is estimated that these projects will result in total investments of $6 million.

TRPA’s Innovation Fund is a commitment by TRPA to collaborate with Port users on the deployment of innovative strategic projects, with a view to creative and competitive development. “The scale of analysis of the Port’s competitive environment has shifted from the local and national level to the international level. In such an environment, the Port must constantly innovate to increase its competitiveness, whether in the development of its infrastructures, transhipment operations, road and rail transfers, the offer of value-added services or the identification of new markets,” Mr. Boivin specified.

The objectives of this new Investment Fund include an increase in industrial research and innovative technological development at the Port of Trois-Rivières, together with support to accelerate technology transfer to Port operations, so as to increase the Port’s competitive position. With input from the private sector and governments, TRPA estimates that these projects will result in total investments of $4 million.