Trois-Rivières Port Authority ­(TRPA) will celebrate the port’s 130th anniversary throughout 2012. On May 17, 1882, the Act creating the Corp­oration of the Harbour Comm­issioners of Trois-Rivières, referred to as the Harbour Commission, was sanctioned. Over the course of its history, the Port of Trois-Rivières was overseen successively by the Harbour Commission, followed by the National Harbours Board in 1936, the Canada Ports Corporation as of 1983 and, since 1999, the Trois-Rivières Port Authority.

Gaétan Boivin, TRPA’s President and CEO, declared that he is very proud to be at the helm of an organization so rich in history. “It is a great source of pride as well as an enormous responsibility to oversee the mission of an organization that has been deeply rooted in its community for so long, and which must continue to do all it can to promote the region’s development.”

TRPA will mark the 2012 anniversary in various ways: its logo will bear the colours of the 130th anniversary and will be used in all the promotional material. Furthermore, the annual General Meeting will be held on May 17, the anniversary of the creation of the Harbour Commission. In addition, other activities will be announced during the year.

“The history of the Port of Trois-Rivières shows that it has always been an instrument for regional development and a means for the community to promote our region nationally and internationally. The 130th anniversary of the Port of Trois-Rivières in 2012 will be an occasion to celebrate the success of the entire region,” says Pierre Ducharme, TRPA’s Chairman of the Board.