At the Annual General Meeting of Trois-Rivières Port Authority, its President and CEO, Gaetan Boivin, provided an assessment of the Port’s On Course for 2020 plan, and announced that the plan, launched in 2008, will be completed by the end of 2017, three years ahead of schedule and within budget. As Mr. Gaétan Boivin (President and CEO) explained, “In recent years, construction activities have been the order of the day at the port, intended to increase capacity, increase productivity, improve safety and security, and improve intermodality. But above all, these projects have aimed to better integrate the port into the surrounding urban environment and reduce its environmental impact. These projects have required investments of $ 131.6 million, of which $ 49 million was contributed by the Port, $ 22.2 million by the government of Canada, $ 8.2 million by the government of Quebec and $ 52.2 million by the private sector.

The Port Authority’s Chair, Ms. Danielle St-Amand, informed those present that On Course for 2030 plan is in preparation and will be presented in the coming months. As she explained: “These achievements would have been impossible without an unwavering commitment by members of the port community, and the citizens of Trois-Rivières.

In 2016, the Port welcomed 178 vessels, including 18 cruise ship calls and cargo totalling 2.8 million metric tonnes. The Port Authority recorded a net profit of $ 1.8 million. The year was marked by three major events: the construction of Terminal 13, the announcement of the extension of Pier 10 and the development of a storage area on Bellefeuille Street. These projects, valued at $ 65 million, are part of the On Course for 2020 plan and will be completed by the end of 2017.

May 2017 represented the end of mandates of three members of the Port Authority’s Board of Directors whose outstanding contributions were acknowledged by Ms. Danielle St Amand. “Mr. Cléo Marchand, Ms. Martine Gravel and Mr. François Dupuis, appointed in 2008, participated in the creation of the transformative On Course for 2020 plan. The Authority’s Board wishes to thank them for their expertise and continuous involvement during this pivotal period in the history of Port of Trois-Rivières.”