Trois-Rivières Port Authority unveiled its On Course for 2030 development plan in front of nearly 200 guests from the local and national business, community, political and maritime communities. This plan will be bringing about major changes for the Port, its users, its community and the region.

In addition to continuing investments in port infrastructure, On Course for 2030 aims to fully realize the potential of the Port’s urban character. Its facilities are literally surrounded by the City. Far from being an obstacle to development, this situation, when integrated into the planning process, makes it possible to see and capitalize on opportunities that would otherwise go unnoticed. Based on the principles of sustainable development, On Course for 2030 will focus on the vision: “To be an innovative urban port, generating growth, at the center of a competitive supply chain”.

Improving the competitiveness of the supply chain

The competitive position of the Port is based not only on the productivity of its infrastructure, its activities and its environmental record, but also to a large extent on the competitiveness of the supply chain in which it operates. To support their growth, the Port and its partners will have to play an active role in improving the competitiveness of the elements that make up the chain, particularly maritime, rail and road transport services. On Course for 2030 includes several measures to achieve this objective and thus make the port more competitive and the region even more attractive to investors.

Business growth

Initiatives to consolidate the supply chain will allow Trois-Rivières to better position itself internationally since this is where the growth opportunities for the Port and the region lie. Development opportunities, when they arise, must be seized quickly. Accodingly, the Port plans to build new storage spaces, as well as new wharves west of its facilities. These projects will add approximately 175,000 m2 to the port’s terminals.

In addition, thanks to a partnership between the City, IDÉ-Trois-Rivières and the Port, collaboration with the government of Quebec for the development of the Industrial-Port Zone (IP-Zone) will continue. This area encompasses both the port and surrounding properties, including industrial parks, and is used to attract companies that need a nearby port, or businesses that are already using the port, but wish to process goods locally. The total investment for the maintenance and upkeep of existing infrastructure, as well as the creation of new terminals and wharves, is estimated at $ 125 million.

Creation of two Funds

In order to support innovation and the implementation of environmental projects, the Port is creating two funds whose total investment will amount to $ 2.5 million over five years. Accessible to the Port’s users and clients, the Innovation Fund will support the implementation of solutions to increase the Port’s competitiveness, while the Environment Fund will be used to complete the financial package of projects aimed at improving the Port’s environmental performance. By combining the efforts of the Port, users and partners, it should be possible to multiply the investments made, which are expected to total $ 10 million.

Development of the riparian zone

Like many ports around the world, Port of Trois Rivières is seeking to reallocate some of its facilities for recreational, residential and commercial use, and is therefore working with Transport Canada to obtain this authority. This would allow it to develop, in collaboration with the City and institutional and private partners, its properties near the Port Park, in harmony with the surrounding environment. Investments estimated at between $ 90 million and $ 120 million, mostly from the private sector, could result from implementation of such projects.

The Port and IDÉ Trois-Rivières believe that the international cruise market holds considerable potential. As a result, the partners are making efforts to stimulate international tourism, which would benefit the community. The Port and IDÉ Trois-Rivières intend promote Trois Rivières as an attractive stopover, in an effort to double the number of passengers who will disembark at Trois-Rivières to enjoy the community’s hospitality.

For 136 years, the port of Trois-Rivières has been an integral part of the life of the people of Trois-Rivières and has helped to promote the region. With its On Course for 2030 plan, the Port intends to continue on this path by working closely with its partners to advance the interests of the community and its businesses.