The Port of Montreal is sponsoring a local radio station initiative that helps encourage young teenagers to stay in school.

CIBL Radio-Montréal’s ‘Perspective Radio’ project, developed in conjunction with the Commission scolaire de Montréal, uses radio as a motivational tool for students. It is part of the station’s mission to develop projects that bring together a culturally diverse community.

Under ‘Perspective Radio,’ students use a full-fledged radio station built at Eulalie-Durocher high school, in Montreal’s Hochelaga-Maisonneuve district, as part of their studies.

Assisted by journalists, the students prepare and then produce two special live shows that are broadcast on CIBL during the school board’s educational perseverance days in mid-February and its week promoting the French language at the end of March. Students interview in-studio guests during the programs.

The port authority’s contribution to the project is mentioned during the programs.

The production of radio programs encourages students to work together, to express themselves and communicate, and to learn through reading, listening, asking questions, and analyzing and verifying information.

“It is important and gratifying for us to see organizations invest and invest of themselves in educational perseverance and success,” said CIBL Perspective Radio. “It is a sign of encouragement for the workforce of tomorrow and helps ensure a brighter future for Quebec.”

“This project fits in perfectly with our commitment to support initiatives that help keep children in school,” said Yves Gilson, Chief of Communications for the Montreal Port Authority. “It will also help make the Port of Montreal even better known within the community.”

The port authority is looking at the possibility of having a program broadcast live from the Port of Montreal some time in the future.