A new look and new feel… Windsor Port Authority has plotted a bold new direction!

Beginning with the creation of a new Vision and Mission that captures the Port’s importance within the Windsor-Essex economy, Port Windsor is determined to be the catalyst that transforms Windsor-Essex into a hub for integrated, international transportation. The new focus, along with a newly created strategic plan, represents an exciting transition within Port Windsor from a silent economic entity to a bold economic engine that is looking to vigorously lead the Windsor-Essex region in the pursuit of new and expanded economic prosperity.

Windsor-Essex and the Port are uniquely positioned at the nexus of North America’s trade mega-hub between the economic powerhouse of Ontario, and the massive consumer market of the American Midwest. More trade, and more traffic, flow through Windsor than all of Ontario’s other crossings combined. With the soon to be two international truck crossings (with the completion of the $4.6 billion Gordie Howe International Bridge, along with the existing Ambassador Bridge) linking all major highways between Canada and the USA, a rail tunnel, and of course, the Detroit River host of Port Windsor, no other community is better positioned in Canada to be the trade centre for North America.

Port Windsor has also redesigned its logo and repositioned its brand to reflect its role within Windsor-Essex as a steward of the flow of prosperity between the local economy, community and environment.

The new logo emphasizes our significant strategic geographic location within the major border crossing connecting Canada and the United States. The new logo includes two chevrons of different colours (each a different shade because despite the similarities between Canada and the USA, they remain distinct cultures and identities) connected by water, representing the integration of trade through many different modes of transportation within both Canada and the United States. The waves within the logo reflect the flow of ideas and resources between many key stakeholders within both Canada and the United States allowing for exciting collaborations and increased anticipation of what the future holds for the Windsor-Essex region.

Port Windsor has also reinforced an active role within the community providing annual contributions within the community amounting to 3 per cent of total revenues and playing an active role on many different local environmental committees. We have also placed a new emphasis on outreach and relationship-building with representatives of the five First Nations who have called Port Windsor home long before the arrival of Europeans, or the creation of Port Windsor.

Today, tomorrow, and in the future, Port Windsor will continue to plot a course that leads to economic, community and environmental prosperity for the Windsor-Essex region. At Port Windsor, we truly believe that “Prosperity Flows.”