As part of its strategy to boost its community presence, Port Saint John is getting social. It launched its new branding material and social media strategy on Apr. 18 at the Diamond Jubilee Cruise Terminal. The cocktail reception was a way of boosting their profile in the vibrant online community Saint John offers.

The event is named for their signature hashtag – #portcity.

“We identified social media as a vital communication tool early in our re-branding process last year. While traditional media is still very important in getting our message out, conversations are happening in the social environment about things we do every day at the Port. It is important that we are there encouraging two-way dialogue and open, transparent communication in this realm” noted Paula Small, Manager of Stakeholder and Community Engagement for Port Saint John.

The night generated hundreds of tweets and photos from locals who came down to Port Saint John.

The event was a chance to build positive dialogue around the Port and show community members how key Port Saint John is to the development of the city.

Reception was overwhelmingly positive, with people remarking on the building, the branding materials and the Port’s overall value to the community. The event was catered by a high-end local restaurant and featured a signature cocktail.

Here’s an example of what people were saying on Twitter

“@PortSaintJohn Why? It’s where the #rennaisancecity began and is leading us into our future #PortCity,” from Mayor Mel Norton.

“Hi Saint John! I love you! I have a perfect view from the top of the Diamond Jubilee. #portcity,” from local blogger and engineer Barb Crawford.

“Can’t wait for tonight’s #portcity brand launch party w/@PortSaintJohn. Food from @Decimal81,” from Fran Menton, director of events and marketing for Harbourfront Residences.

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