The number of direct jobs resulting from marine-sector activity in Quebec amounted to 13,222 . This figure comes from the recent study l’Étude sectorielle sur les effectifs maritimes au Québec recently released by the Human Resources Sectorial Committee of the Maritime Industry (CSMOIM). The study also shows that Quebec marine-sector companies will hire 1,966 persons over the next three years.

While positive in economic terms, this outlook translates into significant human resources-related challenges, amplified by an aging marine-sector workforce. The average age of workers in certain on-board occupations is relatively high – almost 50 per cent of ships’ masters and chief marine engineers are over 50.

Human resources-related challenges also stem from the growth of marine-sector activity in Québec. Since tonnages handled in Québec ports are increasing steadily and Canadian shipowners and operators are acquiring new vessels, there is a pressing need for human resources renewal and adaptation.

According to CSMOIM Executive Director Claude Mailloux, the study highlights the need to pursue human resources development efforts: “Planning for the new generation of workers remains a constant concern for trades like ships’ masters and marine engineers, as well as land-based occupations like supervisors, managers and naval architects. These jobs are not naturally visible to the general public, so it is important to support promotional campaigns designed to attract attention to the careers available in our sector”.

Based primarily on a survey of marine-sector organizations, the study offers a comprehensive picture of Quebec’s marine community with statistics on company and worker numbers and descriptions of the sector’s socio-demographic characteristics. The study covers not only Québec personnel navigating on ships registered in Canada but all marine-sector employees involved in port operations, administration and Quebec-based marine services.

Founded in 2001 and mandated to review, build consensuses and take action, CSMOIM is an organization composed of employer and employee representatives. CSMOIM works to promote the interests of Quebec’s marine industry, developing human resources by carrying out projects aimed at training, human resources management, sectorial knowledge and planning for the new generation of workers. For more information, visit