By Peter Gabany

A regional transportation hub would not be complete if it didn’t offer reefer service, which was recently introduced following a specific client request for the port to handle and manage reefers. Storing and maintaining a reefer fleet requires diligence, maintenance and security. Any risk has to be reviewed and mitigated.

“This is precisely how we went about establishing a reefer depot,” says Key Account Manager for Valport, Russell Kerr. Valport didn’t take long to order and install a depot. Within a week from the customer request, facilities were found and a powered facility was put in place. “It’s a natural and frankly I believe the Port wanted to have this facility available for some time,” Kerr says, “the management just needed a sign that the reefer business could be sustained.”

As the port is within close proximity of the new CSX Terminal – serving all points south of the border, and with easy access to the 400 series highways, dealing in temperature-controlled storage seems a natural fit.

Kerr says, “With our contacts, we have sources for purchase, rental and service of reefer units, and now a facility to warehouse and maintain customer reefers. The Port is always looking for opportunities to make infrastructure and equipment enhancements, providing it can add value to the service we provide.”

The first year of successful reefer service operations has justified for expansion through 2015. Valport’s advancements in container handling and reefer facilities have dramatically enhanced its position for intermodal service.