Belledune Port Authority (BPA) recently hosted a special terminal-naming ceremony outside its offices where the new roll-on/roll-off barge marine terminal was officially named the ‘Rayburn Doucett Terminal’. “It is the honour of BPA’s Board of Directors to officially name the Rayburn Doucett Terminal which serves to recognize the long-standing career of this public servant and businessman,” stated Harry H. Williamson, Past Chairman of BPA’s Board of Directors, “Rayburn’s contributions and continued support to the local communities spans over three decades. We are very thankful for his contribution over the years and it is with great pride that we honour him today and for years to come with the naming of the roll-on roll-off/Barge terminal at Port of Belledune.”

In June 2009, federal and provincial governments as well as BPA announced $61.2 million in an infrastructure improvement and upgrade project at Port of Belledune; construction of the Rayburn Doucett Terminal was part of the project, which was completed in 2011.

Rayburn Doucett expressed profound gratitude to the Board of Directors and staff of Belledune Port Authority for this honour. “The support and guidance given by the past and present members of the Board of Directors and staff have played a key role in the development of the Port over the years, and I am humbled that the honour is bestowed on me today.” In his note of thanks, Rayburn Doucett remarked, “The naming ceremony carries a very special meaning as this new infrastructure is an important factor in the future of Port of Belledune and marks a significant milestone in part of the Port of Belledune history.”