SDV launches LINK, a brand new web and mobile tracking solution, to bring high visibility and full control over all SDV shipments. LINK is simple, user-friendly, smart, global, highly-customizable and secure.

LINK behaves like an internet search engine, so each user can retrieve any shipment using any available reference, keyword or part of any SDV shipment reference, AWB, House Bill Number, Bill of Lading, Container# … LINK saves time with predefined queries, dashboard widgets and alerts that enable management by exception; users no longer need to search and check the status of each shipment individually: LINK pushes or highlights only those shipments that require action or decision. Moreover, LINK offers many interactive features such as customizable workflow implementation and on-line transport request management. LINK turns into the user’s personal assistant for all logistics needs with SDV’s app from iTunes Store or Google Play.

LINK consolidates data from every actor along the supply chain (customers, agents, suppliers, 3PL, customs, port/airport, airlines, shipping companies…) from transport request validation to final delivery, and all of this in real-time allowing for proactive and reactive decision-making. LINK benefits from SDV’s unique tracking expertise in Africa, and grants accurate track and trace solution, even in landlocked African countries.

Almost everything in LINK is customizable, not just the navigation language. Users can simply customize widgets using their own predefined queries. They will eventually create a dedicated tailor-made dashboard on the LINK homepage that will provide relevant information and empower reactive decision-making. Users can also personalize queries, result and report views, as well as extractions. LINK offers direct access to SDV’s reporting platform to launch performance and carbon footprint analysis.

LINK infrastructure has been designed to maintain safe data flows between supply chain actors and guarantee customers operations continuity. Last but not least, users can access a secure on-line documentation base and preview, download and upload transportation documents such as BL, AWB, bills, packing lists…

LINK offer is scalable and available in three variations, depending on the client’s needs:

“Contact” offers generic tracking of main shipment steps. LINK Contact is available through free access on the Internet or on smartphone and tablet using the SDV app.

“Advance” brings real-time visibility and performance analysis on every shipment. Logged into LINK Advance, users can manage shipments using a specific shipment reference, customize and get push notifications and alerts. On-line and secured documentation is available in LINK Advance.

“Integral” is the highest beneficial control tower for supply chain. Users can manage and control every step of the supply chain from purchase order creation, transport request and booking to final delivery of the shipment. Consolidating suppliers’ data, LINK gives customers the tool to analyze suppliers’ performance.