Swiss power supply solutions provider Cavotec has secured an order from The St. Lawrence Seaway (SLSMC) for its MoorMaster automated mooring systems. The order includes servicing, installation and commissioning of the systems.

MoorMaster is a vacuum-based automated mooring technology that holds the vessels securely during mooring operations in wind speeds of over 70 kilometres per hour and water level of up to 14 metres. The system improves safety for those on board and onshore.

Cavotec will develop 39 MoorMaster MM400L (lock) units and rail structures for mounting 13 locks. SLSMC Market Development Director Bruce Hodgson said that, with the implementation of Cavotec’s equipment, the company is looking forward to welcoming more Seaway-sized vessels from the world’s fleet, as vessel operators will no longer need to equip their ships with Seaway-specific fittings. “This will increase our access to the global fleet. Easing access to the Seaway carries the prospect of bringing more tonnage into our locks,” Hodgson said. Deliveries for the Cavotec systems are scheduled to run until the end of 2016.