Quebec’s Deputy Minister of Transport, Norman MacMillan, and the Chairman of the Société de développement économique du Saint Laurent (St. Lawrence Economic Development Council – SODES), Pierre Préfontaine, recently released a study on the economic impact of the marine industry in Quebec. The study, based on 2010 data, attempts to quantify the contributions made by maritime carriers, ports and those performing maintenance activities. The study highlights the major role that the marine industry plays in the economy of Quebec: through the maintenance of 27,000 direct jobs in 262 corporations, the industry contributes $2.3 billion to Quebec’s economy. Each year, about 110 million tons of cargo is transported through ports and terminals located along the Quebec portion of the St. Lawrence river, 5.6 million people utilize ferry services, and 100,000 passengers on cruise vessels visit Quebec.

“I am pleased to note that Quebec’s marine industry will now have a tremendously valuable promotional tool that highlights the importance of its activities to all Quebecers, and that will allow it to be recognized as a key component of our provincial economy” said Mr. MacMillan.

Mr. Préfontaine  concluded by adding that “these results, available to all of the members of SODES, as well as our government partners and anyone who is interested, validate the significant contributions that the marine industry is making to our economy”.

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