Sterling Fuels Limited (a division of McAsphalt Industries Limited) is pleased to announce the purchase of Provmar Fuels Inc. located in Hamilton, Ontario from Upper Lakes Group Inc.

John Carrick, President of McAsphalt Industries Limited, commented "this is a strategic move to expand our marine fuelling and marine lubricants offer on the Great Lakes. It will not only allow us to better serve our customers with quality marine products and services, but will put Sterling Fuels in a strong position to meet the ever changing demands of the marine industry well into the future."

President of Sterling Fuels Limited, Peter Kelly, added "Sterling Fuels will now have marine offers not only at our large fuelling facility in Windsor, but also by barge in ports on Western Lake Ontario. Additionally, we will continue to serve our customers via truck delivery throughout the region. The synergies between Provmar and Sterling made this a natural fit, which we believe will truly benefit the Great Lakes marine industry. This acquisition now makes Sterling the largest supplier of marine fuels and lubricants on the Great Lakes.

It is our intention to make the transition as seamless as possible for our customers. Besides a name change from Provmar Fuels to Sterling Fuels, little else will change. We are proud to welcome Provmar’s highly trained and dedicated employees, who are well known for their exceptional customer service. If you need fuel in either Windsor or Hamilton, please contact the same offices as you would have in the past. We will be pleased to look after your requirements."

Vice-President of Sterling Fuels Limited, Mr. Adrian Mitterhuber added "I am excited about the future potential of the Company and we look forward to serving the marine industry with greater strengths and capabilities.

In 2013 we plan to replace the MV Hamilton Energy with a newly purchased state-of-the-art 2002 OPA 90 double hulled product tanker. The new vessel will be named the "Sterling Energy". The Hamilton Energy has served Provmar and its customers dependably for nearly 28 years. While it will be sad to see it go, all good things come to an end. We are confident that our new vessel will proudly follow in the wake of the MV Hamilton Energy".