Sterling Fuels contributes much of its success to its location on the third largest Canadian Great Lakes port in terms of shipments, namely Port Windsor. In turn, Sterling strives to offer exceptional service and fuelling options for ships operating within the Great Lakes and Atlantic Canada. The properties on which Sterling is located in the southern-most port in Canada consists of two parcels owned by Windsor Port Authority and leased to Sterling Fuels, and a second parcel owned by Sterling Fuels.

Sterling also operates a dock owned by Winsor Port Authority, and is proudly a Division of McAsphalt Industries. McAsphalt is a recipient of the 2017 Canada’s Best Managed Companies Award presented by Canadian Business. Factors that led to this prestigious ranking included: delivering on its promises and exceeding expectations, and being a creator of innovations that solve real problems. Managed by these same principles, the focus of Sterling Fuels’ 2016 strategic planning meetings with McAsphalt was to develop a strategy that directly effected processes, products, customers and employees. In 2017, the resulting action items were executed, the strengths and opportunities capitalized on, and the weaknesses and threats addressed. What remains is a top-notch team reflecting an efficient world-class operation.

Spending continues at Sterling as management seeks to improve plant safety and environmental protection, following the $30-million infrastructure improvements in 2010 accomplished in partnership with the Port Authority. Improvements to the Sterling facility over the past three years cover plant and dock safety improvements, tank and loading arm emission control systems, personal and yard H2S monitoring devices, secondary product containment systems, and environmental protection projects including groundwater monitoring program.

Sterling Fuels is supportive of the Port Authority’s commitment to community service and local economic development, as shown through Sterling’s community-based sponsorship program that contributes to the International Tug Boat Race, Mission to Seafarers, the Sandwich Teen Action Group, the Port of Windsor Parkette, The Marine Club and more. A member of Waterkeeper, an independent Canadian charity focused on clean water, Sterling was a 2016 bronze sponsor for the 6th Annual Waterkeeper Gala in Toronto that raised $550,000 for programs in communities across Canada.

Widely recognized for its commitment to environmental management, Sterling has also received numerous awards. The Essex Regional Conservation Authority acknowledged Sterling for its environmental initiatives during the dock construction project, and the company has received praise from Walpole Island First Nations for its environmental achievements and stewardship. Additionally, Sterling has received awards from Safety Kleen Systems Inc. for reducing greenhouse emissions and environmental programs, recognition from both Windsor Utilities and Union Gas for its GHG and Energy Reduction Programs, and recognition from Georgian Bay Forever, a Great Lakes environmental group protecting water and aquatic species.

Marine Services offered by Sterling at Port Windsor cover: dock, pipeline and truck deliveries of MDO, MGO and all IFO grades, with truck deliveries available throughout Ontario; commercial and marine fuels (gasoline, marked diesel, ultra-low-sulphur diesel, MDO, MGO and IFO); coolants and metalworking fluids, with technical support and monitoring; ExxonMobil, Kluber and Blaser SwissLube package and bulk lubricants, coolants, greases and specialty products; and waste removal, water, crew change and logistical services. In addition to supplying fuels and lubricant, customers benefit from a wide range of other Land Services including: fuel management systems with IT support, to help control fuel costs; petroleum equipment, service and consulting; mini product information cards (MPCs) and equipment labels; and The Sterling Learning Centre, featuring professional education and training.