Edmonton intermodal project will grow exports and benefit the local economy

Ed Fast, Minister of International Trade and Minister for the Asia-Pacific Gateway, Ric McIver, Minister of Transportation for the Province of Alberta, and Stephen Mandel, Mayor of Edmonton today participated in a ceremonial signing event for the construction of the Queen Elizabeth II Highway (QEII) and 41 Avenue Southwest Intermodal Access project in Edmonton, Alberta. The Ministers were joined at the ceremonial signing event by representatives from the City of Edmonton and Canadian Pacific.

The QEII is an important north-south provincial highway on the National Highway System that is used not only for commuter trips, but also for the transportation of commercial goods between regions. The project will include the construction of a new interchange over the QEII, including a grade separation over the Canadian Pacific mainline and future staging tracks; the realignment of QEII Highway from south of 41 Avenue SW to Ellerslie Road; a bridge over Blackmud Creek; and upgrades to 41 Avenue SW to handle the traffic generated from the new intermodal terminal.

The construction in south Edmonton is necessitated primarily by the relocation of the Canadian Pacific intermodal terminal further away from a residential area to a site adjacent to the proposed project. The relocation of the Canadian Pacific intermodal facility will reduce traffic congestion near the existing facility. The level of service in the intermodal facility will also increase as time savings will be generated for trucks entering and exiting the facility. The project will improve connections between different modes of transportation, improve rail and road traffic flows, and facilitate economic development and international trade with Asia-Pacific countries.

The total cost of this project is approximately $205 million, with the federal government contributing a maximum of $75 million under the Asia-Pacific Gateway and Corridor Initiative. In addition to the proposed federal funding, the Province of Alberta is investing $57.5 million and the City of Edmonton is providing $72.5 million towards the interchange project.

“Not only will this interchange provide better access to local residents, it will also make it easier to move goods in and out of the Capital Region and Alberta,” said Minister McIver. “The partnership that is building this vital access increases our ability to reach international markets. The benefits of an integrated transportation system are limitless.”

“The intermodal access project is a crucial addition to Edmonton’s transportation infrastructure,” said Stephen Mandel, Mayor of Edmonton. “It provides an important link to the provincial transportation corridor and assists in the movement of people, goods and services throughout the Alberta Capital Region.”