Termont Montréal Inc. will be the future operator of the Viau container terminal at the Port of Montreal.

The Port of Montreal and Termont Terminal Inc. signed a long-term lease on March 19 under which Termont Montréal will invest $42 million in the initial phase of the terminal project. If container growth continues, Termont Montréal will invest an additional $30 million toward the project’s second phase.

“I am very pleased by this agreement, which is synonymous with economic growth,” said Sylvie Vachon, President and CEO of the Montreal Port Authority. “It shows that Termont has great confidence in the Port of Montreal. I’m sure this project will be very successful.”

Termont Terminal is a longstanding partner of the Port of Montreal. It has been operating the Maisonneuve container terminal since 1987. Mediterranean Shipping Company (MSC) will be a major partner of Termont in the Viau terminal project. 

“The Port of Montreal is a strategic gateway for container shipping in North America,” said Madeleine Paquin, Chair of Termont Terminal, President of Termont Montréal, and President and CEO of Logistec Corporation. “The development of this new capacity is not only good for Termont, MSC and the Port, but also for Montreal, Quebec and Canada. With its intermodal networks, Montreal is a key facilitator for international trade.

“The new Viau Terminal will provide Termont with the additional space it needs to deliver quick turnaround times and efficient cargo-handling services to the Port of Montreal’s current and future customers, and thus support MSC as it continues to grow its services through the Port of Montreal.”

“MSC’s commitment to the Canadian market along with the strategic growth plans of customers is at the core of all of our decisions,” said Sokat Shaikh, Managing Director of MSC Canada. “The continued expansion of our Canadian services, hand in hand with the expansion of our global network, is literally second to none. We have learnt from our customers’ growing needs that our supply chain network must have stability through land-based infrastructure investments. The expansion of Termont (Viau) terminal will further reinforce MSC’s commitment to Canada and serve our partners in business for years to come. We are simply proud to be a part of Canada’s future.”