Termont Montreal has announced that, following a 2018 pilot project that demonstrated the effectiveness of the technology, it will be transforming its entire fleet of 57 terminal tractors into hybrid vehicles with Effenco’s revolutionary Active Stop-StartTM technology for heavy-duty vocational vehicles, and in so doing, will reduce the port’s impact on the environment and, specifically, improve air quality.

Founded in 2006, Effenco develops patented electrification solutions for the transportation industry, reducing GHG emissions of heavy-duty vehicles. Effenco connects and electrifies heavy duty vocational trucks to reduce operational costs and emissions with a hybrid plug-and-play technology and a fleet management software to automatically stop the engine when the vehicle is stationary while continuing to provide electric power for auxiliary equipment, saving up to 30 tonnes of GHG emissions per truck annually. The hybrid Active Stop-StartTM electric technology has been validated by a growing list of blue- chip international customers on waste trucks, dump trucks and yard tractors.

Following a pilot project that took place between April 1 and October 19, 2018, Termont Montreal will be transforming 57 additional terminal tractors to reduce the port’s ecological impact and improve air quality. Based on data collected from April 1 to October 19, 2018, Effenco’s pilot testing project demonstrated that engine “on” time was reduced by 46 per cent, which resulted in fuel savings of 26 per cent, and considerable reductions in CO2, NOX and fine particulate matter.

Effenco was recently awarded the ‘Prix Rayonnement à l’extérieur du Québec’ at the EnviroLys Gala, recognizing its noteworthy export performance.