As steward of Toronto’s waterfront, Toronto Port Authority (TPA) believes in cultivating strong, healthy and sustainable communities along Toronto’s lakefront by investing in programs that support youth, families and a healthier environment.

“Our financial support to charities and community programs across the city this year has enabled more than 25,000 youths to take part in arts and educational programming,” said TPA President and CEO, Geoffrey Wilson. “We have also worked hard to create a greener city by removing millions of pounds of material from the harbour and investing $1 million to create a wetland area and fish habitat at Tommy Thompson Park.”

Each year, TPA removes more than 150 million pounds of silt and debris from Toronto Harbour, helping make the waterfront enjoyable and keeping the water safe for boaters. It is working to create a healthier environment by choosing 100 per cent renewable Bullfrog Power for all of its facilities. TPA is also investing in a sustainable waterfront through the creation of the Leslie Street Spit, which has one of the city’s most diverse and thriving ecosystems. TPA has been building the Spit since 1959 and, once complete, it will be home to one of the largest man-made natural parks in North America.

In addition to investing in capital and infrastructure improvements that improve Toronto’s waterfront, TPA has pledged over $500,000 in 2013 to Toronto-area charitable and other organizations whose sport, recreation and arts and culture programming fosters stronger, more sustainable communities.

TPA supports many organizations and programs including:

• Harbourfront Community Centre’s Room 13 program,

• Canadian Art Foundation,

• Canadian Museum of Inuit Art,

• Disabled Sailing Association of Ontario,

• Harbourfront Centre’s Environmental School Visits program,

• Moorelands Community Services,

• Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art,

• ProAction Cops and Kids,

• TIFF’s Learning and Special Delivery programming,

• Toronto Brigantine, and

• Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art.

In addition to these organizations, TPA supported important waterfront events such as the Waterfront BIA’s Doors Open on Toronto’s Waterfront and the Redpath Waterfront Festival in 2013. And, for three summers, TPA has invited Torontonians to enjoy the waterfront at Sail In Cinema ™. This free three-day festival features classic movies shown on a special two-sided screen anchored in Lake Ontario. Since its inception in 2011, Sail-In Cinema™ has brought more than 10,000 people and hundreds of boats to the newest part of Toronto’s edge.