Groupe Desgagnés’ subsidiary Transport Desgagnés Inc. has received the first Maritime Award of the Americas in the category “ Best Practices in Environmental Waste Management in Commercial Shipping”. This award acknowledges successful practices that demonstrate excellence, innovation, and sustainability in the Maritime and Port Sectors.

Granted for the very first time, the prize was presented to Transport Desgagnés by the Secretariat of the Inter-American Committee on Ports (CIP) of the Organization of American States (OAS) and the North American Marine Environment Protection Association (NAMEPA), at an award ceremony held on June 18th in Washington, DC, as part of the Inter-American Forum of Successful Experiences in Port Development.

The Jury Committee based its decision on the waste management practices implemented by Transport Desgagnés aboard the vessel M/V Camilla Desgagnés. The Camilla Desgagnés was recently granted a Level 3, ‘Silver’ grade performance certificate for Recyc-Québec’s “ ICI ON RECYCLE ! ” program for achieving an 84.5 per cent recycling rate on board.

Louis-Marie Beaulieu, Chairman and CEO, stated that “The entire team at Desgagnés team is very proud of this recognition. This award meets the values of excellence that we advocate in all aspects of our management. Furthermore, the commitment and leadership demonstrated by Desgagnés’s employees attest to our resolve and ability to innovate and adopt cutting-edge practices in a perspective of sustainable development, with the utmost respect for our environment”.

Groupe Desgagnés Inc., headquartered in Quebec City, is a marine transportation company specializing in liquid bulk, general cargo, dry bulk and passengers. The company owns and operates a fleet of ships that navigate on the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence, the Canadian Arctic, the East coasts of Canada and the United States and all the seas of the world. With annual revenues of close to $230 million, Desgagnés employs approximately 1,000 during its peak shipping season.