Western Environmental Canada has introduced the Transtainer, a transportable bulk fuel and oil container, primarily for use on remote work sites, as are typical in construction, mining, logging and farming industries. However, the Transtainer has also appealed to buyers in other industries.

A double-walled tank that is Transport Canada-approved, ULC-approved and IMDG-compliant, the Transtainer can hold up to 21,000 litres and can be used to transport and store bulk fuels (diesel, gasoline, aviation fuel, and new or used oil) by road, rail and sea. Transtainers were designed to offer savings in time, handling costs and environmental fees. Transtainers are durable, weatherproof, vandal proof and can power up to four generators at a time.

The company stated that it in the future, it will be introducing similar transportable containers designed for holding different fuels in multiple compartments.

For further information, please visit www.westernenvironmental.ca