Next Day Air volume is growing rapidly in the industry and UPS is said to be winning a larger share of this expanding market. Further, healthcare, ecommerce and small business customers are demanding faster delivery times around the globe. In response, UPS Airlines is growing its air network, including its support structure at its home base in Louisville, Ky.

Over the next 15 years, UPS anticipates a series of construction projects around Worldport that could reach $750 million and create 1,000 jobs. “These projects are part of UPS’s overall strategy to make investments in its global logistics network to enable continued growth in strategic markets,” said UPS Airlines President Brendan Canavan. “That includes an infrastructure that allows us to continue providing our customers with safe, reliable and on-time service.” Most notably, UPS will build a new $220 million, 262,000 square-foot-hangar to accommodate line maintenance on its growing air fleet. The company is in the process of adding nearly 50 new, converted and leased 747-8s and 767s by 2022.

The new hangar will be large enough to simultaneously accommodate two 747-8F aircraft, the largest in the UPS Airlines fleet. Permitting and construction will begin in 2020, with the project scheduled for completion in 2022. Other notable infrastructure projects include ramp and taxiway improvements, and renovated offices.

Pilots, aircraft mechanics, and support staff will be among the 1,000 well-paid professional jobs the projects will create.