Canada signed an agreement with China in February 2011 that would allow exports of Canadian uranium to that the country. That news was greeted as “a huge deal” by Kurtis Hinz, President of Saskatoon-based TAM International Inc. a logistics company specializing in the handling of radioactive cargo. A year later, the company is still waiting to send the first shipment of uranium to China.

“To be honest with you it’s been slow-going on that deal,” Mr Hinz said. “We’re hoping to see something. Our indication now is that it’ll be the third or fourth quarter, but it’s just sort of grinding away. It’s sort of how we expected it to happen with something like that.”

The decision on the green light is in the hands of government. However, a relatively flat uranium market might also be a factor, Mr. Hinz said. When that green light finally does shine, though, it would “absolutely” be a boost for his business. “It’ll be a boost for a lot of businesses around here,” Mr. Hinz said.