Under the International Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships (MARPOL), the discharge of all types of garbage into the sea will be prohibited as of January 2013. Waste reception facilities will be required in all ports and terminals. Urgence Marine Inc. and the Port of Montreal will be ready.

Urgence Marine has been a partner of the Port of Montreal since the company was founded in 1979. Richard Berthiaume’s firm provides a daily waste collection service on port territory for all ships at berth or at anchor. But the company does much more than just collect garbage. It offers a service in which waste such as batteries, neon lights, used oils, expired medications, plastics and paper is sorted before being destroyed, recycled, recuperated, reclassified or treated as hazardous or harmful to the environment.

Urgence Marine’s specialized collection truck has been adapted for these needs. It has a bin in the back for garbage and another up front for sorting items to be recycled or handled with great care. “Montreal is the only port that offers this service,” said Yassir Satté of SST Environment at Urgence Marine.

Urgence Marine gives to its clients official certificates that attest to their environmental protection efforts.