If you haven’t visited Hamilton Harbour lately, you might be surprised by what you find.

Over the last few years, a variety of investments have helped transform this area into a vibrant, mixed-use waterfront.

The most recent milestone in the Harbour’s redevelopment has been the completion of a new management agreement between Hamilton Port Authority (HPA) and the City. HPA staff worked closely with their City counterparts to facilitate the early termination of HPA’s leases on the port’s Pier 8. This important step will allow the City to proceed with the development of an inviting new neighbourhood along the waterfront, with a mix of residential, commercial and recreational uses.

The Hamilton Port Authority’s Harbour West Marina will be a prominent anchor and feature of the neighbourhood.

“We have a unique role to play because of our relationship with the boating community – we are rolling out new initiatives to attract more seasonal slip-holders,” said Kelly Flood, HPA’s new Marina Manager. “We want visitors to our city who arrive by boat to use Harbour West as their starting point to explore Hamilton’s waterfront and other nearby attractions.” Recent enhancements to improve the visitor experience for marina customers include wi-fi; purchase of a new, 80-tonne travel-lift; upgraded security; and a new website, focused on amenities and local tourism. Over the next three years, the City of Hamilton will be undertaking major capital improvements to the marina area, including a new breakwater and slips.

The new neighbourhood growing in Hamilton’s West Harbour shares the waterfront with Hamilton’s dynamic commercial port.

“Hamilton has always been a port city,” said HPA’s President & CEO Bruce Wood. “It’s part of who we are, and we will continue to ensure there is space for people as well as space for industry.”

At the transition point between the redeveloping West Harbour neighbourhood, and the more industrial area to the east, sits HPA’s newest major tenant, the Arts & Science Brewing Co. “The Arts & Science craft brewery makes a perfect gateway because it will offer attractions for visitors and tourists, including a tap room, beer garden and a performance space for live music,” noted Wood. “At the same time, it is a continuation of Hamilton’s manufacturing tradition, where brewery workers will be busy making beer and shipping it out to their customers.”

HPA supports a vibrant, mixed-use harbour that balances a range of public, commercial and industrial uses. “We see the positive developments on the waterfront as a win-win for the port, and for Hamilton residents.”