Windsor Port Authority recognizes the growing need for food bank and community program support and is committed to ensuring that vital organizations in Sandwich Town such as the St. Johns Anglican Church Food Bank, Sandwich Teen Action Group (STAG), and Windsor West Citizens Organization are able to keep their shelves and community meals programs stocked.

“Let’s Can Hunger”, a food drive to benefit the community of Old Sandwich Town was launched by Windsor Port Authority staff in early November. They reached out to the marine business community and numerous port users/partners to provide food or money donations to support the St. Johns Food bank as well as the community meal programs at the Windsor West Citizens Organization and STAG. The community meals program teaches youth how to cook while at the same time provides hot nutritious meals that might not otherwise be available to them. “Over a tonne of food was raised in just six weeks.” said David Cree, President and CEO of Windsor Port Authority, “The level of generosity throughout the Port and the community has been amazing and is reflective of the caliber of businesses and organizations that operate in the Sandwich Town community. There was no hesitation to provide help and support when it was needed. They all answered the call to help. We look forward to continuing to support the Sandwich community and are thankful for the services that these community-based organizations provide to those in need.”

Reverend Bill Bradley of St Johns Church/ Mission to Seafarers was thrilled with the donation. “There is always a great demand and to have Windsor Port Authority and the organizations in this area donate so generously is very much appreciated. The Port Authority and the other business and organizations have in the past and continue to support the community in Sandwich and we are very thankful for their participation”.

John Elliot, STAG Executive Director stated that “Community partnerships are critical to keeping programs operating and we have enjoyed a strong partnership with the Port Authority over the past several years. We have done community clean ups, anti-graffiti programs and so much more with the Port and this food donation goes a long way in keeping our learn to cook program going. As the kids learn to cook for themselves, they end up making more meals for other youth that come to the center hungry.” A similar meal program is provided by the Windsor West Citizens Organization.

STAG is a community-based charitable organization responding to the needs of youth in the Windsor-Essex County area. It is committed to providing a gathering place for at risk youth and programs for positive life experiences that enable youth to find support, cope with problems and lead healthy lives. The Windsor West Citizens Organization has been in existence since 1978, and is a support resource for the residents of a public housing complex of just under 400 townhouse units. It is a grassroots organization that supplies and supports community development in the West end of Windsor.