BMT De Beer, a subsidiary of BMT Group Ltd, has launched (, an online database for cargo transportation in the marine industry. As a rich source of knowledge, BMT De Beer aims to provide and share information on cargo transportation with the wider market and therefore help to reduce the number of cargo incidents and claims that occur.
Jeroen De Haas, Managing Director at BMT De Beer explains: “While every mode of transport has its own challenges and limitations, it is particularly during marine transportation that cargoes are often exposed to extreme conditions such as the forces caused by a rolling vessel or the constantly changing atmosphere. A strong understanding of cargoes and their specific transportation requirements is the key to ensuring the cargo arrives at its destination undamaged. This subscription-free, online platform will provide quick and easy access to information that isn’t readily available to the market today.”
The development of CargoHandbook includes a number of industry partners such as the Container Owners Association and GDV Transport Information Services. As well as a basic description and photograph of the cargo product, people can access information on the shipment/storage requirements including optimum temperature/humidity and moisture and the risk factors associated with the particular product.
Users of the website will be able to contact BMT to share additional information on a particular product, helping to expand the data available.
Jeroen De Haas continues: “This will be an evolving process, and we invested in this initiative because we are committed to collaborating with the wider market to ensure that CargoHandbook becomes the recognized source of knowledge on anything related to cargo transportation. Digitising this information will allow informed decisions to be made quicker and in turn will help to minimize the number of claims made.”